DVD front: Pure Obsession

Pure Obsession

After two years away from the business, Tamara is enjoying her new
lifestyle of apparent domestic bliss.
With a new husband and home she contently goes about her daily life until the day she gets an unwelcome visit from a "face from the past".
In a tale of blackmail, sexual lust and ultimately Pure Obsession,
Tamara is drawn back into the world of hardcore porn in a bid to keep
her past a secret.
Little does she know that in reality, her new relationship is far more twisted than she could ever have imagined.
Porn Producer DiSanto directs his first movie for Daring Media in a
cinematic style fused with POV action.

Release date: december 2011
Runtime: 126 minutes

Cast Tamara Grace, Jamie Barry, Syren Sexton, Marc Rose, Karina Currie, Kai Taylor, Caprice Jane, Havana Sin, Seth Strong

Directed by Anjali Kara

Directed by
Anjali Kara