Mark Cremona

Director Mark Cremona

I Began my career in Erotica in the mid 80’s as a Male Performer for early “Private” movies and found myself fortunate enough to be working with Steve Perry a,k.a Ben Dover as Sound Recordist who promoted me from Stunt Dick to Crew on discovering.
I was working in a Recording Studio as a Sound Engineer, I went on to Crew classic early Private films such as “ Anal Vacation” and “Anal Manor”,working with Steve Perry and the great Ric Porter now of TVX fame.

Previous positions :
Producer for “Playhouse NL”.
and also Director of their groundbreaking European series “Virtual Sex” starring amongst others, Michelle Thorne, McKenzie Lee and Michelle Barratt.

Art Director for Interclimax Amsterdam.
one of the largest and earliest adopters of live streaming video on the web in the 90’, during my time there I met my beautiful wife Lillyroma.

Currently I live In London with my wife and our daughter and working now for Cellcast UK as Head of Adult content productions.

Shooting for Daring is the realization of a long held Ambition, they are the very best Label in the world for producing the most beautiful looking Erotica currently available, I am able to indulge my passion for photographing and filming beautiful women and I am honoured to be working alongside such great Directors as Kendo and Anjali Kara.

Mark Cremona.


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Eastern Promise